[Pharma News] Understanding the person behind the patient: Using photo elicitation by Kevin Dolgin

[Pharma News] Understanding the person behind the patient: Using photo elicitation by Kevin Dolgin

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Stakeholders in healthcare have carried out research about the patient experience for a long time. Patient pathways are often examined in detail, and a number of good frameworks exist to help explain what that experience is like. Traditionally, though, most of that research was about the patient, not about the person with the disease.

In his wise words “When a person is diagnosed with a long term chronic disease; that person finds another identity added to the mix, an identity they would very much like to abandon, or at the very least, forget”. I could not agree more with Kevin Dolgin, President at Observia. After her last pregnancy, my best friend developed hypertension. Dealing with that new situation has become a challenge for her and her family. She is an experienced healthcare professional and she understands the consequences of not following her doctor’s advice, however, many times she does not. And I wonder why.

In his article “Understanding the person behind the patient: Using photo elicitation”, Kevin Dolgin discusses this problem, and explains how to use ethnographic research to begin to understand the decision making process of that complete person, with all of their different and complex identities

You can read the full article here: https://goo.gl/5jNtGn

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