The media plays an important role in seeding and building market presence beyond pharma insiders and industry sources. News articles, reviews, TV broadcasts, blog postings, tweets, and more — across both traditional and social media — are strong influencers of customer awareness, consideration, and preference. Knowing how your drug brands and the conditions and diseases they treat are trending in the media is a critical element of any data-driven marketing strategy.

mediaQuant can help your company do just that.

pharma-dashboardmediaQuant provides marketers with a simple, comparative metric for measuring the media prominence, in both traditional and social media, of their brands, competitor brands, and the trends and influencers affecting their market.

Using our media ratings, rankings, and value analytics, health care and pharmaceutical companies can benchmark, monitor, and manage their drug brands’ prominence in the media, evaluate the effectiveness of PR investments, and gain insight to help align messaging and strategy with trending topics, brands, and influencers.

We are currently tracking the media prominence of the top 50+ pharmaceutical brands, more than 200 prescription drug brands, and more than 100 conditions and diseases. We build our catalog of measured topics for our customers. Don’t see something you want to track — let us know and we’ll code it in!

We deliver our media metrics via free analytic reports and premium subscription to our analytic dashboards. A no-obligation trial is available free for 30 days. Our pricing is simple and transparent, at $99 (U.S.) for an annually paid, single-user subscription.


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