As marketers, we all have the same struggles – whether it is not being able to get our messages in front of our customers or prospects or not delivering enough leads to our sales team, we all share a common struggle – a marketer’s job is not getting easier.

The Second Edition of the Marketing for Life Scientists: Best Practices Guide for Marketers is an informative tool for marketers that surveyed over 600 life scientists asking the questions that can marketers tailor their efforts more strategically towards their target market. One of the worst mistakes that we can make as marketers is not understanding our customer or our target market;but not all of us have the tools to host focus groups or conduct surveys to ask our target market the questions that would better equip us to do our jobs.

After producing the 2015 Insight Pharma Reports’Marketing to Life Scientists Market Study, we wanted to expand our “Best Practices Guide,” so in the second edition you will find:

• Best practices and tips throughout the guide to add to your marketing strategies
• Expanded data breakdowns by industry
• Side-by-side data comparisons from our 2015 and 2016 surveys

Each qualified respondent self-identified as a life science professional. The majority of our respondents work in academic (37%), pharma(21%), biotech (18%), and healthcare (10%) industries. Across all the industry segments, the majority of the 630+ qualified respondents self-identified as researchers, scientists, or managers (59%).
We hope that the expanded content within the Marketing for Life Scientists: Best Practices Guide for Marketers and expanded data sets provided from our survey respondents will provide life sciences marketers with the tools to better strategize when rolling out their marketing campaigns in 2016 and in the future.

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