Cross-media multichannel marketing campaigns!

We create and execute complex Direct Marketing Cross-Media/Multi Channel 1:1 Communication programs and campaigns for both VDP and web (pURLs, personalized emails, video personalization, variable content imaging, call-to-action triggers, real-time driving direction maps from the recipient location to client location, on-demand personalized PDF, etc.).

We will help you deliver deeply personalized content per-customer:
– personalized direct mail | personalized images
– personalized landing pages (pURLs) | call-to-action triggered emails/text messages
– personalized videos | on-demand geolocation maps/driving directions

We also also build and host web-to-print marketing portals (Fulfillment and Order Management system, personalization and distribution of marketing materials), ideal for enterprise clients seeking a single repository/tool to manage all marketing efforts including print:
– create Personalized cross media marketing campaigns;
– extend the reach of the print center to help centralize printing to control costs and branding;
– automate workflow by fully ticketing template jobs for their print center environment;
– centralize data collection for billing of print services;

The right message, to the right audience at the right time through the right media.


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windsor ontario


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