BulletinHealthcare is the perfect strategic partner for anyone looking to reach physicians and other healthcare providers in a highly credible, endemic environment. Why? Our audience of 1 million physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals comes directly from the nation’s premier medical associations, including the AMA, ACC, ASCO and others. So you’ll reach docs, never bots.

BulletinHealthcare delivers the news to the members of our partner organizations – over 900,000 of whom are US-based – via a concise distillation of the stories and research that matter most to their specialties. Our distribution lists come directly from our association partners, meaning we deliver our email news briefings only to verified healthcare providers. And timely, relevant content ensures that our reader engagement is well above the industry average. Our daily open rate is 36% across all one million recipients.

If your organization has healthcare providers high on its marketing target list, we’re the company you should be talking to. Our clients include pharmaceutical brands, medical device brands, hospitals, CME programs, and others.

Segmenting advertising to our distribution list is easy, and we can do it in a variety of ways. Brands can buy an entire briefing audience, target specific subspecialties, geo-target, or run NPI-based list matches.

Beyond our standard metrics reporting, we can conduct a lift study via a verified third-party to measure the result advertisers care about most: ROI. One ROI analysis we ran for an infectious disease brand advertising with BulletinHealthcare found an 18:1 ROI and a 28.3% lift in TRx! (We didn’t believe it at first either.)

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