We are an innovative solutions organization with a specific focus on providing critical insights that help our customers execute an informed digital strategy. We offer cutting edge solutions, using the best in class products, driven purely by the needs and budgets of our customers.

Social media market research – Find out your share of voice VS. competitors, know what issues, needs and sentiment are in the market, get insights on what’s working or not working, and why.
– Ex. Side effects, insurance coverage, insights regarding disease states, concerns, competition

Performance measurement – Are results documenting achievement of your KPI’s coming from the same digital agencies that does your marketing? We serve as an independent auditor as to whether your KPI’s were or weren’t achieved in a highly statistical and both qualitative and quantitative way.
– Ex. how well your campaign is performing, how it resonated, how many people it reached, how many people engaged with it, and how they were engaged.

Operational infrastructure builds and market structure builds.
– Ex. fulfillment system, micro-sights, patient portals, physician ordering portal, sample accountability tools, e-commerce site with PCI compliance, dashboards, product finder, apps, and more.


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