iCONSULT is a young and dynamic company based in Malta, with operations in EU, MEA and ASEAN Markets.

We look for unmet need in specific market segments, namely in Healthcare markets and International Business Advisory Services, maximising on our wide range of contacts through the different regions, which will help us expand our operations and be less depending on one or few markets.

iCONSULT Directors come with over 18 years of International Business Experience, having worked and travelled extensively in North Africa and Middle East. This is coupled with the wide range of contact with manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers in EU and Asia.

Most illnesses which affect or threaten the life of the human being can be detected and treated at an early stage. It is therefore of the utmost importance that all members of the medical field involved in reaching a diagnosis and prescribing a treatment for any given pathological disorder are in possession of the right information and tools. This holds especially in under-developed countries.

Through our Healthcare division, iCONSULT aims to provide the medical profession in the territories where it will operate with all these requirements, from medical equipment to pharmaceuticals and other such products necessary to help maintain and improve the quality of life of the patient both in hospital or at home. By providing an impeccable back-up service and high-quality European pharmaceuticals, one ensures quality and efficiency thereby passing value on to the patient.

Through our International Business Consultancy division, iCONSULT also acknowledges the fast changes in our micro and macro environments that push individuals and companies to ensure long term growth through the adequate planning of their resources, structures and finances, to guarantee sustainability and leading a lean and profitable organisations that would maximise on the best return to its shareholders.

iCONSULT maximises on the opportunities that Malta can offer to individuals and organisations that would want to invest into a stable political and financial environment, to guarantee a long term effective and profitable plan thereby taking up the various opportunities that would be available in relation to their particular industry.

Through its wide network of contacts in various territories, iCONSULT is open for discussions with local and foreigng manufacturers or service providers from different industires, that want to expand their businesses in new markets.


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