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Behavioral Science in Pharma

To stay relevant, pharma and healthcare companies need to move beyond the pill. Instead, the focus needs to shift to the broader patient journey. This includes changes in the way companies communicate with patients. One essential means of achieving this goal is the application of behavioral science to all aspects of drug development, marketing, and […]

Digital Technology for Diagnosing and Treating Cancer

Early screening, diagnosis, and management of cancer improve patient survival and reduce symptoms. However, while some common cancers such as breast, prostate, and cervical cancers are routinely screened for, many others are currently difficult to detect. Consequently, they are often detected in the late stages, adversely affecting the patients’ survival probability. In recent years, digital technologies […]

Pharma Going Digital – Is Digital Health the Future?

Digital Health: An Imperative Tool for Pharma The role of digital tools, such as mobile devices/apps, wearables, virtual assistants, and artificial intelligence (AI), in healthcare is quickly expanding. Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly integrating digital health into all services offered, including for treatment, follow-up, and prevention purposes. Additionally, they are shifting their focus from only providing […]

Evaluation of Clinical Trial Costs and Barriers to Drug Development By Luca Dezzani Group Global Medical Director at Novartis Oncology

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/evaluation-clinical-trial-costs-barriers-drug-luca-dezzani-md/ The complete analysis of the costs and barriers to drug development in 2018. All the expenses to conduct clinical trials and the split by disease areas Clinical trials are a crucial part of the drug development process. Pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials to demonstrate safety and efficacy in order to gain approval from regulatory […]

Why the FDA Loves Complex Generic Drug Products

Key Points FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has initiated multiple policy actions to simplify the approval pathway for generic drug products Commissioner Gottlieb hopes these efforts will improve access to medications and lower healthcare costs The FDA has placed special focus on “complex” generic drug products, which have traditionally been difficult to “genericize” New policies are […]

Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacogenomics in the Digital Age: the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Pharmacogenomics: A Brief Introduction Pharmacogenomics is the study of the role of the genome in drug responses. That is, it identifies genetic loci associated with known drug responses on a population-level. Some of the current pharmacogenomic approaches used include multigene analysis and whole-genome single nucleotide polymorphism profiles. Subsequently, the genetic variants affecting an individual’s drug […]

The Role of Human-Centric Design Thinking in Healthcare

By Karin Bauer, VP Client Services, SGK Health Healthcare is an empathy-driven industry. But as healthcare consumers seek to become more empowered, changes in healthcare information gathering and sharing across systems have created a disconnect between the quantity of information available to empower care choices and the quality of care that patients receive. To win consumer confidence […]

Intellectual Property Protections for the Algorithms Used by the Healthcare Industry to Decode Big Data

Background As healthcare stakeholders begin to embrace real world evidence, along with many other forms of big data applications, there remains the issue of how to protect the underlying algorithms that derive meaning from this data. An algorithm is a very broad term that typically refers to the equations and/or a series of steps for […]

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