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10 Best Selling Drugs 2018 – Oncology

The Complete List and Analysis of the Best Selling Oncology Drugs in 2017. All the Top Oncology Products in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry with detailed performance and future trends Oncology remains the largest disease area in the pharmaceutical business followed by diabetology, rheumatology, anti-virals, and others. Total revenues for the 10 best selling oncology […]

Time to Leave the Rivalry Behind?

Sales and marketing functions within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, at times, can resemble the social hierarchy at your old high school. Cliques posturing to be the cool kids on campus, each jockeying to lead, plan, and control the budget for the prom or class trip. While a healthy rivalry can be an effective driver […]

Need to predict the competitive behavior in the pharmaceutical market

Pharmaceutical companies, in general, tend to neglect the role of competition in strategic analysis, in spite of being in markets where competition plays a significant role, as, usually, two or three players have 80%-90% combined market share per therapeutic category. To be fair, pharmaceutical companies are not alone in this, according to a McKinsey survey[1], […]

Pre-sale Questions